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Wednesday, May 21st 2014

9:30 PM

Health is Wealth as Always

Nothing really beats being healthy. These days, there are lots of fast food chains and food that are very unhealthy to eat by kids and adults and they are hazardous to our well-being. Those that always eat fried foods with less veggies, fruits and water are very likely to develop different kinds of disease and ailment.

A friend of mine who tips the scale at 180lbs has finally realized that she is not living a healthy way so she decided to make a big decision. Slowly she is cutting pork and beef while having loads of fish in her diet. She is trying her best and she's seeing a nice result after 3 months. She's even researching online about various ways to stay healthy and http://www.omega3innovations.com is one of them. I have to commend her doing a great job and last week, I have seen her walking and attending zumba classes together with another friend. In no time, for sure I will see her fit if she will continue to be focus and dedicated in losing weight.
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Monday, March 17th 2014

9:14 AM

Shopping Made Easier

I'm so thankful for the invention of Internet! It makes my life and for sure some other people's life much easier. We can talk to our loved ones on the net at much lower price and its much easier. While banking online also helps lessen our trip to the bank just to send someone a money or making other transactions.

Shopping has never been the same as well. Shopping at the comforts of our home while still on our pajamas? Yes, online shopping is convenient as well. Shopping for personal stuff and even for some musical needs. Those that need musical instruments and accessories will not have a hard time finding items that they need for they are also available online.

There are some excellent beyerdynamic dt 770 from guitar center that you can buy if you need one for personal or business use. Internet shopping is the way to go if you have little time to shop at local stores.
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Thursday, March 6th 2014

8:21 PM

50th Alumni Homecoming and 54th Foundation Day

I was extremely happy when I have attended the 50th Alumni Homecoming and 54th Foundation Day of my highschool Alma mater. Thanks to Facebook for we have learned about this and through FB, my former classmates and I were able to talk and decided to attend the affair.

It was indeed a memorable one, going back to your Alma Mater is something that every student must experience. It's like giving gratitude for all the years that you have been there studying and mingling with your teachers and classmates for the past 4 years. The affair was indeed awesome.

There are bands with great sound system & lights and sounds. I might have to say they have the best mackie subs used that is why the sound is clear and superb.The special numbers of different batches made the event more colorful and fun. The 1st alumni that graduated in 1964 are there and if you count the years, they are about 66 years old already. Though they are only about 15, still they are represented well.

I'm excited to attend again next year!
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Wednesday, March 5th 2014

7:58 PM

Photographers and Collections

My nephew is into photography and collecting different kinds of stuff. He actually got this trait from his father who also has the same interests like his. In their spare time, they love to take photos of just about anything but I noticed that they love still photography of things around them. From simple flower to nature, nothing is left unphotographed by them.

Since the digital age emerges, the film camera slowly become extinct and I bet there are very small numbers of novice or pro photographers that uses film to cover events or for daily use. I guess because it is due to limited resources of film and the limited shots that they can take.

They have actually saved all their old film cameras and now they are on display already at their home gallery with vintage stuff and paintings. I am pretty sure that they are on the lookout for more old cameras to include in their collection. If only they are also trail campers, I know they will find a review for a trail camera if they want to buy in the future. Right now, they have DSLR cameras that they are using and I wonder what will be the next camera trends in the future.
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Wednesday, March 5th 2014

7:50 PM

Lost and Found

I'm so happy for my friend right now for they already found their precious dog. It was about 2 weeks ago when their dog didn't come back home after going outside. She gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies about a month ago and when she got lost, the 3 dogs look like abandoned. It seems that she lost on the way and wasn't able to back home to feed her babies.

My friend and her family is non-stop in finding her everyday in many possible places that they she might go. Day after day, they are losing hope that they can recover her and my friend is getting sad and depressed because they treat their pet dogs as part of their family already.

Just 2 nights ago, while they are looking at a nearby village, her daughter saw a white dog drinking water at the roadside. They looked near the dog and amazingly it's their dog. She was unrecognizable because she become thin and her coat is so dirty. Of course the dog recognized them esp. when they call her name. It was a happy ending ! I am praying that my own baby dog will never get lost!
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Thursday, February 27th 2014

1:50 PM

JS Prom

It's the season of JS Prom once again and I can't help but to feel sad because when I was in my junior or senior year, I was able to experience this big event because we didn't have one that time. Anyway, my nephew is senior and they will be having their JS Prom this March and I'm sure that his classmates are all excited to attend.

This is the time to dress up and to mingle with their friends. I'm sure the organizers will be hiring musicians that will make the event more exciting. For sure there will be pro ject debut iii turntable, lights and more.Can't wait for my nephew to wear his suit for the event.
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